Learned Sparrow is a family-friendly entertainment business pioneered by a hobbyist programmer and his family.

Why we're here:

Not too long ago, my wife and I were searching for some fun apps for our daughter to play with during a long road trip. We managed to find a few kid-friendly aps, but no matter what we found, one constant remained:

Every single game designed for kids – without exception – contained in-app purchases, advertisements, or required a subscriptions service that would charge our credit cards monthly for the privilege of keeping the app on our tablet.

We were baffled. Why weren’t there any kids’ games out there without these outrageous gimmicks designed to continuously squeeze more money out of the parents?

We hated the concept of exposing our daughter to unknown advertisers, so games with ads were out.

The games with in-app purchases would often contain “teaser” levels that led to “convenient” one-tap, in-app purchase links, so those were out too. Our daughter is too young to understand the concept of making accidental digital purchases.

The subscription-based apps would often allow for a free trial, but after reading the fine print, we discovered that if we were to let the free trial period lapse without canceling, we would be exposed to fees of upwards of forty dollars.

The bottom line? Most of these apps were completely unacceptable, and it was nearly impossible to find kid-friendly games that met our criteria.

We decided to do something about it. Although Learned Sparrow is a relatively new endeavor, it is our mission to provide family-friendly entertainment. We take pride in providing entertainment under the confines of these principles:

• Our apps and games do not require subscriptions.
• Our apps and games do not contain ads.
• Our apps and games do not contain in-app purchases.
• Our apps and games are solely programmed by me, the administrator at Learned Sparrow.
• All apps and games are supported and updated after their respective initial releases.
• You will never be required to pay additional money after your initial purchase of an app – all updates and added features are free.

As parents, it is our guiding philosophy to ensure you are treated the way we would like to be treated. Learned Sparrow could not exist without your support. We are committed to providing your family with quality entertainment, no strings attached.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have: admin@learnedsparrow.com