Ultra Paddle Ball Privacy Policy

-Ultra Paddle Ball!

Does Learned Sparrow Collect Personal Information?

No. Our apps currently available on the Google Play store absolutely do not collect or store any personal information whatsoever. We pride ourselves on offering apps that:
• Do not require personally identifiable information
• Do not contain ads
• Do not require subscription fees
• Do not contain in-app purchases

Our apps do not collect personally identifiable information of any kind.

Does Ultra Paddle Ball integrate Google Play Services?

Yes. This game integrates Google Play Services for the leaderboard feature. Google Play Services is a platform operated by Google.
Google's privacy policy can be found by clicking here.
Although "Ultra Paddle Ball!"'s content is family friendly, we maintain no control over any interactions among players who opt to use the leaderboard feature. For this reason, "Ultra Paddle Ball!" is not featured as one of our Childrens' Games. Learned Sparrow has no control over any interactions that occur on the Google Play Services platform. Learned Sparrow does keep or maintain any data from Google Play Services.

Future Changes to This Privacy Policy

This policy is subject to change.
This policy is effective as of July 18, 2020.